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A series of informative episodes from pre-season checks to reviewing use cases of different hydraulics motors.

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Dynamic Dave #003 – Introduction to Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors play a crucial role in various applications, powering everything from water pumps to Bobcat loaders. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of hydraulic motors, examining different types and shedding light on key considerations for...

Dynamic Dave #003 – BJ Hydraulics’ Impressive Product Ranges – From Mighty Motors to High-Performance Seal Kits!

In the heart of hydraulic innovation lies BJ Hydraulics, a hub of diverse hydraulic motors that cater to a plethora of industrial needs. In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the array of hydraulic motors available at BJ Hydraulics, each designed for specific...

Dynamic Dave #002 – Hydraulics In The Field: Western Star Hoist Checks

As planting season approaches, our focus shifts not just to the fields but also to the machinery that will make it all happen. Today, we took a closer look at our trusty Western Star Truck, specifically around the hoist area. While it might seem like a simple...

Dynamic Dave #001 – Hydraulics In The Field: Pre Season Checks – Boss Planter

Spring is on the horizon, and for farmers, it marks the beginning of a new planting season. As the weather warms and the fields come back to life, it's crucial to ensure that all our equipment is in top-notch condition. Today, we took a detailed look at our boss...

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs for Mitchell and Charleville

Our team of experienced technicians in Mitchell and Charleville will be happy to answer any questions about hydraulic cylinder and motor repairs or other industrial repairs that may be needed.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service for Roma : Why You Need To Repair Or Rebuild Yours

The hydraulic cylinder repair service here at BJ Hydraulics is designed with you in mind. We specialize in all aspects of hydraulic cylinder repair and we have more than 20 years of experience repairing them for customers just like you in Roma.

Hydraulic Motors and Cylinder Repairs 101 for Central QLD

Industrial engineers in Central QLD are constantly finding new ways to use hydraulic cylinders and motors in even more innovative ways. In this article, you’ll know much more about the inner workings of a hydraulic cylinder and repairs and its importance to your daily operations.

Hydraulic Cylinder 101: To build or to Repair Yours in St. George and Tambo

Here at BJ Hydraulics, we offer the most thorough and professional repairs available anywhere and near St. George and Tambo. So, if you have any questions about whether your hydraulic cylinder needs to be rebuilt, contact our team of professionals today.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs 101 for Chinchilla

The hydraulic cylinder is the most important component in a motor’s hydraulics system in Chinchilla. Without it, the motor will not function. When it breaks, what happens to the motor? Learn more.