In the heart of hydraulic innovation lies BJ Hydraulics, a hub of diverse hydraulic motors that cater to a plethora of industrial needs. In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the array of hydraulic motors available at BJ Hydraulics, each designed for specific applications, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

Geroler Motors:

Among the remarkable offerings is the Geroler motor, specifically the 2000 series Char-Lynn motor. Widely utilized in applications spanning feed lots, cotton industry root pullers, and grain crop harvesting, these motors stand as a testament to enduring efficiency and adaptability.

For header belt drives and similar applications, the H series Char-Lynn motor takes center stage. Its versatility and reliability make it a staple in various industrial setups, ensuring seamless operations even in demanding environments.

Gear Motors:

For cost-effective solutions without compromising performance, Gear motors come to the forefront. These basic yet robust motors offer an excellent balance between functionality and affordability, making them ideal for tasks that don’t demand high loads.

High-Torque Hydraulic Motors:

When the need for sheer power arises, BJ Hydraulics offers heavy-duty hydraulic motors, boasting up to 160 cc capacity. These motors find their place in applications requiring substantial torque, ensuring that even the most challenging tasks are accomplished with ease.

High-Speed Bent Axis Piston Motors:

In the realm of fixed displacement motors, the high-speed bent axis piston motor reigns supreme. Its single-speed configuration guarantees reliability and stability, making it indispensable in scenarios where consistency is paramount.

Radial Piston Style Motors:

For applications demanding extreme torque, the radial piston style motor steps in. Whether propelling ground drive wheel motors or gracing the fronts of powerful machines like bobcats, these motors provide the force needed to tackle the toughest challenges.


Beyond the remarkable array of motors, BJ Hydraulics ensures comprehensive support by offering an extensive range of seal kits. From renowned brands like Danfoss, Char-Lynnn, Eaton, to Parker, the availability of diverse seal kits underscores the commitment to providing tailored solutions for every need.

At BJ Hydraulics, the quest is not merely about selling hydraulic motors; it’s about understanding your unique requirements and matching them with the most suitable, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. The team’s expertise, combined with the diverse range of motors and accessories, empowers industries to achieve unparalleled efficiency and performance.

In every application, BJ Hydraulics stands as a beacon of innovation, bridging the gap between industrial demands and hydraulic excellence. Experience the power of precision, reliability, and affordability – experience the BJ Hydraulics advantage.