Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs 101 for Chinchilla
The first thing that comes to mind is what will happen if the hydraulic cylinder breaks?

Though this may seem like a simple question, there are many factors to consider. First, you need to know which type of system your machine uses for its power source. If it’s an electric motor, then the control panel will need to be shut down before any repairs can take place. If it’s a pneumatic motor, then air pressure needs to be released from all lines and valves before anything else can happen. If it’s hydraulic, then the fluid level must be reduced in order for repairs or replacement parts installation on the broken component to occur.

But before we dig any deeper into this, let us first know some basic information about hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs 101 for Chinchilla

What is a hydraulic cylinder and what does it do

Hydraulic cylinders are used to generate linear motion. They can be found in everything from hydraulic presses to door hinges, and many other industrial applications. This article explores their function and some of the ways they can be utilized for your industry needs in Chinchilla.


How to identify if your hydraulic cylinder needs repair or rebuild

The hydraulic cylinder is an important component of any machinery. It converts the mechanical energy from the pump into a linear force, which does work on the load. The pressure exerted by the fluid inside this cylinder determines how much force will be exerted to move your load. 

An experienced team of hydraulic cylinder repair experts in Chinchilla can help you easily identify if your hydraulic cylinder needs repair or rebuild so that it can continue to work for many years to come.  Hydraulic cylinders are expensive parts and should only be replaced after thorough inspection with qualified personnel who have experience working with these machines. 

Several signs may point towards needing a rebuild rather than just replacing your old part. This includes:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Slow movement of machine
  • Increased oil consumption
  • Higher operating temperature
  • Burping noise when running at high speeds or pressures

Hydraulic cylinders are a vital part of any machine. They’re used in everything from cars to construction equipment and they do a lot for us. It’s important that you know when your hydraulic cylinder needs repair or rebuild because if it does, it could be dangerous not only to the people around the machine but also to the person operating it. To be sure, talk to an expert.

Here at BJ Hydraulics, we are happy to help and evaluate the condition of your hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor in Chinchilla for you. We can help in identifying what kind of condition your hydraulic cylinder is in so that you don’t have any surprises later on down the road.


What happens to the motor if the hydraulic cylinder is broken?

The hydraulic cylinder is the most important component in a motor’s hydraulics system. Without it, the motor will not function. When it breaks, what happens to the motor?

A broken hydraulic cylinder can cause major damage to your motors and other equipment if you don’t take care of it right away. The fluids inside the cylinder leak out causing corrosion on nearby components like gears and bearings. This leads to increased maintenance costs which could cost you thousands of dollars each year. Make sure that any time you suspect a hydraulic cylinder has been broken or damaged that you get in touch with an expert immediately for assistance before they start leaking all over your machine.