RYCO Thread Identification Kit


Thread ID Information
1x Digital Caliper Set out to 6″ (150mm)
1x Metal Ruler (6″)
Thread Pitch Gauges to suit, SAE (NF), BSP, NPT, Metric Fittings plus Seat Gauge
Thread ID Booklet

Enhance your thread ID Kit with our handy Thread ID Mate app

RYCO’s Thread Identification On The Go
The RYCO Thread ID Mate application enables you to identify hydraulic threads and connectors everywhere you go.
The intuitive and simple identification process will help you find detailed information about threads specifications, sizes and more.
Key Features:
Intuitive step-by-step identification process
Detailed page for every type of thread
Search a thread by name
Complete pictorial list
Instruction page
Download the Android or iOS application
Thread ID Mate App

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