Stauff Hydraulic Plug – Assorted Sizes (10pk)

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STAUFF Serviceline plugs offer an environmental and material protection system preventing oil and chemical spills and leakages. STAUFF Serviceline plugs are designed to be used in applications such as any Hydraulic Maintenance; heavy industry, offshore, forestry, construction, lifting, shipping, demolition, military, transportation and Automotive. Serviceline rubber compound is silicone free and highly resistant to many chemicals, acids and other aggressive fluids.
Suitable for temperature ranges -25°C to +90°C.
Suitable in non-pressurized systems.
4 x MICRO (1-10 mm)
4 x STD (5-22 mm)
2 x XL (13-42 mm)
All Serviceline plugs are conical lightweight in design and enables a fast flexible “grab and seal” installation which means no-tools-required to plug.This ensures a clean work-space in safety critical areas.
Manufactured for STAUFF by YELLOC International AB-Sweden.
Contact STAUFF for more information.
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